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Workshop Sediment Management in Ports

29.10.2019 08:30 Uhr – 29.10.2019 17:00 Uhr
Groningen Seaports Eemshaven, Schildweg 16, 9979 XR Eemshaven, Niederlande
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Ports are important hubs for international freight distribution, they keep local economy turning and create direct or indirect job opportunities. In order to remain functional, accessible and efficient, a sediment management is an essential requirement in port maintenance.
The process of maintaining the depth of ports and waterways to make them navigable and safe for shipping is connected to a couple of challenges. What influence will future sediment movements have on ports? How can contaminated sediments be handled? How can the influence on the environment be reduced?
This workshop will focus on the challenges ports are facing in water depth preservation, the impacts of dredging activities on the environment and on more sustainable solutions. This venue will give some international good practices on effective and sustainable sediment management and will illustrate some running cooperation projects with a an added value for the regions and the ecosystem.
The workshop is organized with the INTERREG Projects DUAL Ports by Niedersachsen Ports together with Groningen Seaports.
Jens Henrik Møller (GEMBA Seafood Consulting) will be the chairman of the workshop and guide you through the day.

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