GSR Services GmbH (GSR) is a private owned company (established in January 2011) for offering comprehensive expertise based services for effective implementation of new requirements for enhancing the safety and environmental performance of global ship recycling industry. GSRs´ goal is improving the safety and environmental protection of ship recycling activities and closing the circle from cradle to cradle in the maritime industry.

Services for clients are provided along the whole life-cycle of ships, from manufacturers and suppliers of materials & components via shipyards, shipowners, brokers to ship recyclers including waste management in their hinterland as well as classification societies and flag states.


  • IHMs for new and existing ships (for shipyards, shipowners) with IHM-Experts located in:
    • EU (Bremen, Bremerhaven, Antwerp, Hamburg)

    • US (Houston, Savannah),

    • Russia (Kaliningrad),

    • China (Shanghai),

    • South Korea (Busan),

    • India (Mumbai/Bhavnagar),

    • Bangladesh (Chittagong).

  • Maintenance of IHM (for shipowners)
  • HKC-Compliance projects (for ship recycling facilities)
  • Recycling planning & supervision (for shipowners)
  • MD/SDoC Development and advise (for suppliers)

IHM Development

As one of the most experienced HKC-Experts we develop high-quality IHMs effectively which are compliant in every detail. Our global network (US, Chile, EU, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India) provides the needed expert capacity. Using newest technology increases efficiency, reduces prices and supports IHM-maintenance in an unmatched way.

Compliant Ship Recycling

We prepare ships for responsible recycling, identify appropriate recycling yards, support contracting, provide full-time supervision and guidance to all involved during the recycling process.

For further information see:

IHM Maintenance

Once prepared the IHM has to be maintained. We help owners to maintain their IHMs in the most legally robust and practicable way inlcuding support for their suppliers. We apply the Industry Guidance and offer the must efficient approach for all involved.

Support for Suppliers

Suppliers have to declare presence / absence of hazardous materials in their products in form of Material Declaration (MD) and Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC). We identify and implement efficient processes for exchange with supply chains ensuring efficient preparation & maintenance of documents and avoiding liability issues.

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