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Women in Shipping Summit

10.09.2019 – 11.09.2019
Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, 5-7 Tavistock Pl, WC1H 9SN London, England
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This two-day summit will feature a line-up of some of the most impressive names in shipping, both men and women who will tell the story of their journey through the industry to inspire and empower your personal career development plans. We will also focus on practical sessions dealing with very specific, day-to-day challenges your colleagues in the industry have identified as problematic, so that you will leave with a set of practical advice and tools you can use on your first day back in the office.

Explicitly, not exclusively for Women

Winds of change within the maritime industry have seen the women's movement improve shipping. The wave of equality may not be perfect, but through embracing the talent and value of women, the industry has become more innovative and more open to change. But understanding the challenges women face and acknowledging the value they can provide is only the start. Focused on topics from empowerment to action, this event is built around the unique challenges women face, acknowledging the value they provide and taking your next steps. Shaping thoughts, empowering leadership, and helping to progress your career. While primarily for women, the event is not exclusive to women.


  • Challenging unconscious bias in day-to-day interactions: Are we glorifying aggressiveness?
  • Maternity, return to work and working arrangements
  • Finding your executive voice
  • What women bring to the table: fight-or-flight vs tend-and-befriend
  • Addressing women's health - advancements and resources
  • Why men [should] promote women in shipping
  • Attracting talent: Analysing our call to arms
  • Digital transformation in shipping and opportunities for diversity
  • Beyond gender – addressing the wider diversity challenge in shipping

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