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Ship Efficiency 2019

23.09.2019 09:30 Uhr – 24.09.2019 15:00 Uhr
Hotel Hafen Hamburg, Seewartenstraße 9, 20549 Hamburg
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The STG is very much pleased to announce the topics of the 2019 Conference:

The first day of the conference will be headlined “Sulphur Limits and the ways to be compliant as of 2020” and the presentations will tackle the new worldwide Sulphur Limits and the ways to be compliant as of 2020 with our “traditional” fossil fuels.

The induction will be a general lecture form Shell about the “Available Fuels and Challenges in the new Sulphur-Age”, followed by speeches given from operators of container vessels and bulkers. Under the headline “Experience with Scrubber Operations; Theory and Reality” we will be told why they decided to install scrubber and their actual experience with open loop, hybrid and closed loop Scrubber. There will be a significant number of shipowners which decided to burn low and ultralow sulphur fuel instead of investing in scrubber technology and it will be very interesting, on what parameters their decisions have been made.

For the maritime world this is a burning issue and we think that this issue is worth to be tackled at our panel discussion, where recognized experts from the marine industry and leading shipping companies will express their views how they make the “Most difficult decision today: which fuel to propel my next vessel”.

As if the problem what kind of fuel to use in 2020 was not enough, Shipping is facing another future burden: The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships. We all know that one way to reduce the CO2 emissions from ships is burning fuel with a lesser carbon content as our well-known and adapted fossil fuel oil. Therefor the second day of the conference will be titled “Alternative Fuels as a Way to reduce your CO2 – Emissions” and under this headline a variety of presentations will be covered – from the use of LNG to “Power to X” we will explore different roads to reduce the CO2 footprint of ships.

Here the induction will be given by an expert from DNV GL: “Future Fuels in Shipping – Opportunities and Costs” followed by lectures given from leading operators of cruise liners and container vessels. They will share their thoughts on why they have decided in favour of LNG as possible fuel and their actual experience with that kind of fuel. A lecture titled “Paving the way to LNG – reengineering of a ULCC” will tell us what “hurdles have to be jumped over” in the process of modifying a ULCC from conventional fuel to LNG. That LNG is more than just a “workaround” or a temporary solution for the set of problems given by the environment requirements will be proven by the “Power to X”- presentations.

Furthermore, we will be touching some alternatives for propelling our ships which are not so common until now. Presentations about the potential, limits and cost of fuel cells and batteries will complete the comprehensive program of the 7th International Ship Efficiency Conference in 2019.

Venue: Hotel Hafen Hamburg, special rates available, booking code: "Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft 2019"



Session Sulphur Limits and the ways to be compliant as of 2020
chaired by chaired by Fred Deichmann, The German Society for Maritime Technology, Hamburg/Germany
9.30 Uhr Welcome by Hermann J. Klein, President of STG and Fred Deichmann, Executive Secretary of STG
9.45 Uhr Keynote Speech
10.15 Uhr Available fuels and Challenges in the new Sulphur-Age
Jens Möller, Shell Marine Products, Hamburg
10.45 Uhr Coffee break
11.30 Uhr Experience with Scrubber Operations; Theory and Reality
Ralf Jürgens, Primarine, Buchholz
12.00 Uhr Dry desulfurisation – a smart Alternative
Edoardo Panziera, Ionada, Hamburg
12.30 Uhr Lunch
14.00 Uhr Experience in Installation and Operation of Hybrid Scrubber
Guido Försterling, Sloman Neptun, Hamburg
14.30 Uhr How to fulfil Charterers Demands – the difficult Road Containership Owners have to go
Christoph Gessner, CPO Containerschiffreederei, Hamburg
15.00 Uhr Coffee break and exhibition
15.45 Uhr Panel discussion and resume of the first day
Most difficult decision today: which fuel to propel my next vessel

Recognized experts from leading shipping companies and manufacturers will give their views

Moderator: Hermann J. Klein, STG, Germany

17.00 Uhr Get together buffet with beer and music


Session The Road to reduce your CO2 – Emissions
chaired by chaired by Ramona Zettelmaier, Bureau Veritas S.A., Hamburg/Germany
9.00 Uhr Future Fuels in Shipping – Opportunities and Costs
Gerd-Michael Würsig, Consulting Engineer, Germany
9.30 Uhr “Power to X” – how to generate „X“ for Propulsion Plants
Rolf Bank, MAN Energy Solutions, Deggendorf
10.00 Uhr “X to Power” – how to use „X“ at Propulsion Plants
Kjeld Abo, MAN Energy Solutions, Copenhagen/DK
10.30 Uhr Coffee break and exhibition
11.15 Uhr Cruise Liner driven by LNG: Operational Experience
Christoph Schladör, Carnival Maritime, Hamburg
11.45 Uhr Paving the way to LNG – Reengineering of a ULCC
Fridtjof Rohde/Lutz Dyck, Technolog, Hamburg/Hapag Lloyd, Hamburg
12.15 Uhr Potential and Limits of fuel Cells in Marine Applications
Joachim Hoffmann, Siemens, Hamburg
12.45 Uhr Onboard CO2 Capturing: turning Emission to Feedstock for Synthetic Fuels?
Guus van der Bles, CONOSHIP International, Groningen/NL
13.15 Uhr Panel discussion and resume of the second day
14.00 Uhr Farewell buffet




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