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SEC4BLUEconomy 24

23.04.2024 – 23.04.2024
Athen, Griechenland
FG Maritime Sicherheit | FG Maritime Wirtschaft Offshore Wind | Weitere Veranstaltungen

Blue Economy means the use of the sea and its resources for economic -preferable sustainable- development. Αmong others, the blue economy includes the economic sectors of maritime transport & tourism, critical coastal-offshore-subsea infrastructure, aquaculture.

The EU is controlling the largest combined exclusive economic zone in the world and its economy is highly dependent on a secure maritime environment. The global trade industry relies heavily on the maritime transport market. Shipping services, port operations along with logistics services are critical factors for the development of the economy. Offshore infrastructure such as Oil & Gas exploration or exploitation platforms, Wind and Wave farms, submarine Pipelines and Power cables are vital Energy supplies and also at the heart of the NEW Green Energy Transition. The majority of global data transmissions depends on subsea telecom cables ensuring financial transactions, emails, cloud storage or video conferencing. Maritime tourism, including cruises, yachts/superyachts and marinas is emerging as a powerful development tool. The aquaculture provides a large share of contemporary seafood production, feeding the demands of a rapidly growing population.

However, new security challenges are emerging, such as the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines, the unauthorized presence of UAVs around offshore infrastructure, increasing global risks to submarine telecom cables from geopolitical tension, unexploded ordnance at sea, terrorism, piracy and armed robbery at sea, migrants smuggling, arms and narcotics trafficking, Illegal fishing, even unauthorized exploration in a remote EEZ of EU member states.

Here in the Eastern Mediterranean, for the development of the marine domain, a secure environment which will not be threatened by any illegal activity is primarily required.

The strategic orientation of Maritime Security, requires the development of permanent and lasting synergy between all actors : state -industry -civil -law enforcement -military.

Security is essential to support the EU's Blue Economy and, by extension, the well-being of its society.

The conference aims to raise awareness, showcase specialized expertise and innovative technologies as well as highlight appropriate mechanisms for collaboration between government officials, local & international organizations, law enforcement & defence officials, representatives from the defence & security industry, critical infrastructure, shipping, energy, maritime tourism, insurance companies, for all aspects of the threats to the development of the Blue Economy.​


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