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06.09.2018 – 08.09.2018
Hamburg, Alter Wall 38, 20457, Deutschland
FG Maritime IKT | FG Maritimes Recht | FG Maritime Sicherheit | FG Schiffseffizienz | Kooperationsveranstaltungen | Tagungen und Kongresse

The SEADEVCON brings together Maritime Software and Hardware Developers, shipping & climate Experts, human right & environmental activists, NGOs & lateral thinkers to work together on solutions for suitability, emission reduction, anti-corruption and human rights in shipping and maritime.


Day 1 Conference

Discuss problems & challenges that exist to transform the shipping & maritime industry into a clean, suitability and environmental friendly domain. We try to find ways to use modern technology like Big Data, AIS, machine learning, wisedom of the crowds & social media to archieve these goals and clean the planet and its oceans.


  • Emission Reduction & Fuel Savings
  • Anti Overfishing
  • Anti Pollution - Clean the Oceans
  • Ship Recycling
  • Human Rights on ships and at shore
  • Anti Corruption

Additionally, there will be an innovation market with poster sessions.

Show your prototypes, concepts and ideas on the green ship-clean ocean innovation market place. Get in contact with other delegates & speakers and collaborate and cooperate and get in contact with shipowners & port operators that are willing to support your idea.

Day 2 AIS Summit

At the AIS Summit people discuss and show their tracking and visibility capabilities and how this technology support suitability.

AIS Summit is back! Experts from hardware and software vendors talk about current usage and future developement of platforms, protocols and standards and how this technology can be used for fuel & emission savings, anti pollution and against overfishing.

Day 3 Hackaton

The ocean Hackathon puts ideas into practice and prototypes and proof of concepts are developed.

The Maritime Hackathon puts theory into practice and provides 4 extraordinary challenges. Hackers, Nerds, Designers and Data Scientists from all over the world work together with NGOs, maritime experts and AIS professionals to develop & code game changing ideas. - We will work 22 hours and develop prototypes that support anti-pollution, overfishing or human rights in the maritime domain and can make a difference to change the industry.

A jury of experts will donate the best idea and the best implementation. 

You can participate as a private indivual, as a student or a corporate or startup team. During the hackathon we also can help you to find co-workers or team members. Beside learning new technologies and working on challenges, we also want you to have fun and make new friends. Mentors & Experts will guide you through the challenges and will give you the necessary support while you are hacking.


Get more information at and don't miss this special interactive event. 

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