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ONS 2024

26.08.2024 – 29.08.2024
Exhibition and Conference Stavanger Forum, Gunnar Warebergsgate 13, 4021 Stavanger, Norway
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What if world leaders stepped up and agreed on how we can accelerate the solutions and policies saving the climate?
What if we could stand together facing those aiming to destroy our security and create chaos
What if the worst of times brings out the best of technology enabling it all?

The theme for ONS 2024 is built on four pillars, and will serve as a vision and guide for the creation of the ONS event in August 2024. ONS consists of several conference arenas and an exhibition stretching across the whole energy industry. 

The ONS theme aims to be highly relevant and an enabler to make sure ONS will be the leading arena for learning, networking and business for everyone interested in energy.


The biggest challenge facing our world today and the future generations is the rapidly changing climate and the lack of agreements that pull the world toward a common goal. A range of initiatives and well-meant solutions, and the technology to back it up in many cases, are launched every day. There will be many small and big things that will pull and push – but for the game-changers to really appear the world must come together and agree.

Imagine, if we were generous with each other. Imagine if we gave our counterparts the benefit of the doubt. Imagine if we found a redistribution solution that feels fair and that we all can gather behind.


In a world where someone’s goal is to create chaos and insecurity, standing together is the only solution. When energy markets fluctuate in a tempo rarely seen, and where major parts of Europe suddenly are without power and energy because of a meaningless invasion, there is true power in standing together. Imagine a united front that protects and encourages our way of living, a normalized security situation and a stabile energy market. How do we at the same time secure energy for the regions of the world where energy access is not a given? Developing, progressing, and securing takes more than a village, it takes a world of imagination.


Solving the issues we are facing takes vision and global leadership. Those who lead with inspiration and motivation, spark imagination and solutions never seen before.

True leaders step forward and hold themselves accountable. To solve the climate crisis the developed needs to bare a higher burden than the undeveloped for all to prosper. To create stable and secure surroundings we need courage and integrity. The solutions and technologies called for will only come by honesty and open minds. Uniting a common goal and regaining belief in the future for all generations takes boldness. Imagine that leadership.


The progress we have made these last decades shows us the sky’s the limit. If someone never imagined we could carry around a computer in our pocket, travel to space or build factories on the bottom of the sea – what would our world really look like? Innovation brings us further, makes us able to harvest energy in ways we never imagined and reduce emissions from oil, gas and other energy production in a way that truly matters. Technology is the enabler for all the challenges ahead, there is truly no limit to what imagination could inspire us to achieve. It is time for action, it is time for collaboration, and to reach even further we need to IMAGINE.


Become an exhibitor at the German joint booth

You can register to participate in the German joint booth at ONS, organised by the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. For more information, visit:


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