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Marissa Day 13 - Maritime Environment under Threat - Challenges for Sustainability and Environmental Wellbeing

22.02.2024 10:00 Uhr – 22.02.2024 13:00 Uhr
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The sustainable usage of the oceans and its protection is undoubtedly the precondition to safeguard our societies with the provision of food, energy and an irreplaceable infrastructure for our global supply chains. The competing usage of the oceans for transport, fisheries, energy and mineral extraction and energy generation create a vulnerable mixture of diverging interest, which touch geopolitical, economic and environmental interests. All this needs an international regulatory framework to set the scene for the different applications. Especially, this regulatory framework also increasingly addresses safety and security aspects regarding environmental wellbeing and resilient supply chains. Whether it is pollution of water, shipborne emissions, littering with plastics, oil spills or any illegal usage of national and international waters – all are important issues to be addressed under this MARISSA topic. Advanced technical solutions are needed and help to fulfil international legal requirements and enforce national sovereign rights.

MARISSA Day 13 will address different aspects in this context from the perspective of different stakeholders as:

•   Ezrah Schraven, Global Sustainability Consultant at Fugro and Chair Sustainability Committee IMCA, Netherlands

•   Jason Meads, Special Situations, Blue Marine Foundation, UK

•   Dr. Thomas Heege, CEO EOMAP, Germany

•   Katja Döhl, Cyber Security Research Analyst @ Deutor Cyber Security Solutions GmbH, Germany

•   Yi-Jie Yang, DLR Maritime Safety and Security Lab Bremen, Germany

•   Dr. Andreas Weigelt, German ship emission monitoring network, BSH, Germany

This includes methods for AI based oil pollution detection, shipborne emission surveillance by laser technology and drones, detection of anomalies in global supply chains to fight illegal fisheries and trade and digital twins for coastal resilience. We are looking forward to meeting you for listening to very interesting presentations and participate in the finalising discussions at the MARISSA Forum.

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