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Let’s talk business – career perspectives for scientists in the maritime industry

14.10.2020 14:00 Uhr – 14.10.2020 16:00 Uhr
MCN-Veranstaltung | Tagungen und Kongresse

As part of this year's YOUMARES11 conference, we would like to recommend this online session to all who are interested.We, the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany – branch office Schleswig-Holstein, would like to show you the opportunities maritime companies (SMEs - Small and Mid-sized Enterprise) in Germany offer. Your scientific knowledge as well as new technologies from science are relevant for SMEs.

  • How can you find those companies which are interested in new scientific approaches?
  • How can you thrive in the transition from academia to business?
  • What can you expect from the company and what kind of work awaits you?

We are not going to provide theoretical answers. We are not going to give you information you can easily find in career books or career blogs. The best way to help you find answers and inspiration is to introduce you to people who ‘made it’. In this session you will meet former Master and Ph.D. students who will provide you insights into their daily work and into the challenges they had to face.

These speakers are:

Dr. Eva Philipp, Vattenfall

Jann Wendt, EGEOS GmbH

Roberto Benavides, B² Sensors

Nuno Nunes, SubCTech GmbH

Tim Neumann, ITT – Portconsult

They will speak about how they met the company they are working for, their achievements working for them and how important new research findings are for their business. They will share how they have built a network in business and how important their scientific network still is. They will tell you how to be successful in this transition.

If you would like to join the session, please follow this link:

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Laura Eisenblatt

0431 66666 869

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