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Ship Efficiency 2023

25.09.2023 – 26.09.2023
FG Schiffseffizienz | Tagungen und Kongresse

Every drop of fuel that is not burned helps!

This is the core statement of the 9th Ship Efficiency Conference 2023 of the German Society for Maritime Technology. Are you interested in the latest state of the art regarding CO2 emission reduction? The whole maritime cluster is invited to participate in this conference, where stakeholders from all areas of the maritime industry present their views and latest developments.

In 2022, CO2 emissions caused by seagoing vessels worldwide increased compared to 2021 and are above the level of 2019. Solutions like the change to non-fossil fuels are not feasible in short term and need new production facilities and infrastructure. The limits set by the International Maritime organization and other governmental bodies like the European Council and European Parliament are demanding for the maritime industry. The increase of the efficiency of the whole maritime transport chain in view of the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases is still in the focus of the whole maritime cluster. Compared to the live time of a vessel of more than 20 years, CO2 reduction can be achieved on relative short notice by increasing the efficiency - every drop of fuel which is not burned helps!


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