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EcoEnergy Expo

17.10.2023 – 19.10.2023
International Exhibition Centre, Brovarskyi Ave 15, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Today all over the world the problems of air pollution, climate change, and issues of energy security are gaining special relevance and urgency. To solve these problems, it is necessary to intensify efforts in transforming the energy infrastructure, replacing traditional centralized electricity generation with distributed one, reorienting the state's climate and energy policy.

Having joined the global processes, Ukraine has firmly embarked on the path of renewable energy development, reduction of current energy consumption costs, economy decarbonization, energy system decentralization. The priorities of the Ukraine's green agenda are system changes and restructuring of important sectors of the economy, such as industry, energy, agriculture, transport, and construction.

Specific steps have been taken to increase the share of energy generation from renewable energy sources, accelerate the development of resource‑free technology of distributed generation and smart grids, introduce mechanisms of stimulation of industrial enterprises to be energy efficient and reduce human impact on the environment.

But still a lot of efforts need to be made to reduce the energy intensity of the national economy and replace outdated, worn‑out and environmentally dangerous equipment of industrial and energy facilities. To do this, it is necessary to overcome existing market and regulatory barriers, bring the legislative and regulatory framework in line with the international legal practice, and ensure the technological upgrading of energy‑intensive industries by attracting national and foreign investments.

The goal of the International Trade Fair ECOENERGY EXPO 2023 is in the fullest unlocking of the huge potential and competitive advantages of modern renewable energy technologies, consolidation of all key market players at the one site for effective communication, exchange of experience, expansion of business contacts, discussion of optimal ways to develop renewable energy in Ukraine, overcoming legislative, regulatory and technical barriers.

The organizers are ready to fulfill the mission of ECOENERGY EXPO 2023:

  • stimulation of the introduction of modern energy and electrical equipment, digital technologies and energy storage systems for solar and wind generation;
  • intensification of use of alternative fuels, environmentally friendly transport;
  • promotion of energy saving and energy efficiency measures;
  • drawing attention to the greening of the energy and industry sectors;
  • assistance in attracting investments and increasing the share of green generation in the national energy balance.

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