Maritimer Kalender

Earth Obeservations & Copernicus Technologies

18.04.2018 18:30 Uhr – 19.04.2018 18:00 Uhr
Technical University of Applied Sciences Georg Agricola, Herner Str. 45, 44787 Bochum, Deutschland
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Earth observation and Copernicus – the European Copernicus Programme entered its operational phase with the launch of the first Sentinel satellite in 2014. Data from space or - to be more precise – Earth observation data from different missions and in the future primarily that generated by the European Copernicus system – offers an enormous range of potential uses. Combined with and complemented by in-situ data from local and regional sensors or sensor data networks and other geo information, completely new applications can be developed.

Through cross-section IT technologies such as big data, cloud computing, digitalization and geoIT together with suitable communication technologies, an enormous amount of data becomes increasingly accessible for commercial products, processes and services.

he event is planned as a marketplace that will enable knowledge transfer between technology experts, service providers and manufacturers as well as users from selected application fields. The goal is to stimulate the development and marketing of new “Copernicus”-related products, services and solutions. The event will build on findings and experience from the German technology network “CopServ” and aims to transfer valuable technological know-how to European level in the framework of the EEN.

The markets

Application fields at the focus of the event will be renewable energies/energy economy, maritime technologies, mining/post-mining, agriculture/forestry and urban monitoring/smart cities. The national German network "CopServ”, which is funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, has a profound expertise in most of the targeted fields and aims to develop successful R&D projects from Sentinel, in-situ and other data, using new and innovative technologies, intelligent applications and specialized services. The event addresses specialists and executives as well as development engineers from the application fields and defined technology branches along the entire value chain.

The Event - What to expect

The event will offer thematic workshops to exchange ideas on technology trends, identify market demand and raise awareness among end users towards the importance of Earth observation and Copernicus technologies and their potential. A B2Match event for bilateral meetings is included.

Why participate?

  • Get the latest information on the European Copernicus Programme
  • Meet experts from the technology network “CopServ”
  • Establish cross-border contacts for long-term partnerships
  • Expand your professional network
  • Present, discuss & develop projects at international level
  • Meet players offering complementary services & products

Space Night Event

On the day before the conference (April 18), all participants are invited to join our “Space Night Event“ at Zeiss Planetarium Bochum which includes a spectacular multimedia Space Night Show in the stardome, a reception and a networking dinner.



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