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3rd Decarbonizing Shipping Forum

21.06.2022 – 22.06.2022
Hamburg, Deutschland
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ALJ Group invites you to join efforts for a greener maritime future at the

3rd Decarbonizing Shipping Forum
in Hamburg
on June 21s t-22nd!

A true shift to a sustainable and carbon-neutral shipping industry not only requires innovative technical solutions but also a shift in the mindsets of people who are going through this transformation. The decarbonization agenda is becoming increasingly more ambitious and it requires to explore new ways of
cutting on emission in day-to-day ship operations as well as long-term solutions that would bring about a lasting positive impact. It also requires new forward-thinking talents and joint corporate efforts starting with top-level management. Therefore, we are offering a platform to discuss new technology combined with human element and what decarbonizing means to the shipping industry from all points of view.
Top business executives, policymakers, innovators, and technology experts will dive into debates during conference sessions and networking breaks in Hamburg – don’ t miss your chance to join them!

Decarbonizing Shipping Industry
• Latest environmental regulations, social responsibility, and financial implications
• Talent, organisational culture, and leadership impact on sustainable maritime industry
• Sustainability and finance – good financial management practices
• Corporate decision-making process in determining company’s decarbonization strategy
• Top criteria for selection of emission reducing technologies
• The role of the European ports contributing to greening of the shipping industry

Future Fuels
• Marine fuel mix 2030 - which fuels will be used for next 10 years?
• LNG – reducing infrastructure CAPEX, lowering the methane slip
• LPG – production forecast, benefits of LPG powered fleet
• Methanol – design and operation of methanol fuelled ships
• Biofuels – supply challenges, pricing forecast
• Hydrogen and Ammonia – infrastructure status and development, storage and handling technologies
• Hybrid electric solutions: opportunities, availability, and scale

Smart Shipping
• Digital transformation across all shipping sectors
• Data-driven efficiency for decar bonisation
• Digital solutions for reducing fuel consumption, route optimization, cargo tracking
• Importance of connectivity in digital operations
• Innovation in satellite communication
• Cyber Security: Incident Monitoring, Analysis and Response
• Autonomous vessels - future of shipping?
• Smart ports - automation and innovative technologies

Sustainable and Innovative Solutions
Engineering Solutions for Sustainability and Better Efficiency
• Developing zero emission ships and becoming carbon neutral
• Reducing the environmental impact of ships’ day-to -day operations
• Fuel saving technologies (batteries, fuel cell systems, wind-assisted propulsion)
• Ballast water treatment solutions and exhaust gas cleaning systems
• Sustainable ship recycling, sustainable new shipbuilding and ship repair
• Propulsion technologies, wind-assisted ship propulsion
• The role of SCR technology in NOx control
• HVAC - electronic control, increasing SEER rating
Energy Efficiency Measures – Machinery
• Optimisation of auxiliary systems
• Engine performance optimization
• Engine de-rating
• Stop Plastic Bottled Water - Protect Seafarers and the Environment
• Exhaust gas boilers on auxiliary engines
• Variable engine speed
• Shaft generators (PTI/PTO)
• Efficient lighting system
• Variable frequency drives
Energy Efficiency Measures - Hydrodynamics
• Hull cleaning
• Hull coating
• Hull form optimization
• Hull modifications
• Propulsion efficiency devices
• Propeller efficiency and propeller retrofit

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