16. Oktober 2023

Internationale Kooperationsgesuche


© Vlada Karpovich / Pexels

Das Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland arbeitet eng mit dem Enterprise Europe Network zusammen. Im Rahmen der Kooperationspartnerschaft können individuelle Kontakte zu Geschäfts- und Forschungspartner:innen hergestellt werden. Nachfolgend finden Sie aktuelle Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte unter Angabe der Chiffre-Nummer an Silke Schleiff oder Julia Feddersen vom Enterprise Europe Network.

Lothar Hartmann, +49 40 76629-6356, hartmann@tutech.de
Ole Bast, +49 421 361-32177, ole.bast@wae.bremen.de


TODE20230517006: Smart digital data engine enables app that exactly meets the documentation needs of the shipping industry
A Northern German Start-Up has developed a smartphone application to digitize and simplify documentation processes around the vessel and sea freight. The app is adapted to the needs of the maritime industry and helps to combine the mandatory reports and tracking with innovative technology.

TODE20221222012: Ship builders, ship maintainers and owners sought as partners to implement innovative coating solution
A start up from the North of Germany develops an anti-fouling coating that eliminates microplastics pollution, reduces fuel consumption and has a higher durability. To proof performance under real conditions, pilot partners from maritime industries are sought.

TODE20230525020: Acoustic backscatter communication enables flexibly deployable technology for structural monitoring
A Northern German institute has developed a battery-free acoustic wireless communication system that enables low-cost structural monitoring with small devices, where low power consumption and wireless communication and data transfer are beneficial. Cooperation is offered to public and private partners that want to explore the technology with their specific use cases.

TODE20230525018: Wireless underwater communication technology enables low-cost applications for underwater sensing, navigation and localization
A Northern German institute has developed an acoustic underwater modem and investigates autonomous underwater use cases e.g. in aquaculture or environmental- and structural monitoring, where small devices, low power consumption and wireless systems are beneficial. Cooperation is offered to public and private partners that want to explore the technology with their specific use cases.

TODE20230830002: Industrial 3D printing with multi-nozzle technology – pilot partners sought from various industries
The use of 3D printing enables independent and decentralized production of plastic parts. The multi-nozzle technology, developed by a startup from Northern Germany, enables an economical and sustainable production. Cooperation is offered to all interested pilot partners, who want to benefit from the above-average printing speed and quality.