16. August 2023

Internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor


© Tirachard/iStock

Das Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland arbeitet eng mit dem Enterprise Europe Network zusammen. Im Rahmen der Kooperationspartnerschaft können individuelle Kontakte zu internationalen Geschäfts- und Forschungspartner:innen hergestellt werden. Nachfolgend finden Sie aktuelle internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte unter Angabe der Chiffre-Nummer an Silke Schleiff oder Julia Feddersen vom Enterprise Europe Network.

Lothar Hartmann, +49 40 76629-6356, hartmann@tutech.de
Ole Bast, +49 421 361-32177, ole.bast@wae.bremen.de


TRIT20230717022: An Italian company is searching for international companies to complete the production of sensors for nautical sector
The Italian company has decades of experience in the automation field, with aptitude for the development of prototypes and innovative projects. This company is looking for collaborations with international companies producing ultrasonic ceramic capsules (sonar) or investors to develop and collaborate together to complete the development and production of their own patented product for nautical field.

TOES20230322021: Spanish company, specialised in dynamic digital ocean modelling solutions, looks for partners willing to collaborate in new product/systems developments
The Spanish company offers its technology solutions focused on dynamic sea drifting objects monitoring and spill impact reduction activities of maritime pollutants – especially to oil & gas, shipping and marine innovation agents, willing to collaborate in innovative product developments based on trajectory forecasting and dynamic ocean modelling, prior to design of interception or collection planning. Commercial agreements with technological assistance or research cooperation agreements are offered.

BOBG20230221010: Bulgarian shipbuilding company, specialised in the design and construction of low-tonnage vessels is looking for partners under commercial agreement for building innovative eco-friendly solar/electrical vessels
One of the leading low-tonnage shipbuilding companies in Bulgaria and the Black Sea region, experienced in building eco-friendly low-tonnage vessels and ship repair, is looking for commercial partnerships for the design and construction of innovative eco-friendly solar/electrical vessels with partners from Norway, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and also countries from the Middle-East and Africa.

RDRMT20230302004: Maltese company with expertise in marine biology is looking for partnering opportunities to join consortia for H2020 Europe funded proposals in the area of blue economy and sustainable tourism
A team of marine biologists based in Malta with an interest in marine mammal and reptile research would like to join consortia that are planning to submit proposals for EU funding in the area of blue economy, marine eco-systems and eco-tourism. Upcoming calls such as HORIZON-MISS-2023-OCEAN-01 are of interest.

TOGB20230131020: An underwater inspection and maintenance robot for ships and offshore infrastructure
A UK company has developed and validated a robotic platform crawling complex underwater objects such as ship hulls, turbine foundations etc. It carries built-in and optional tools for weld inspections, monitoring, water jetting, maintenance etc. Businesses and departments doing inspection and maintenance jobs in oil and gas, wind and ship care sectors are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

TODE20230525020: Acoustic backscatter communication enables flexibly deployable technology for structural monitoring
A Northern German institute has developed a battery-free acoustic wireless communication system that enables low-cost structural monitoring with small devices, where low power consumption and wireless communication and data transfer are beneficial.

TODE20230525018: Wireless underwater communication technology enables low-cost applications for underwater sensing, navigation and localization
A Northern German institute has developed an acoustic underwater modem and investigates autonomous underwater use cases e.g. in aquaculture or environmental- and structural monitoring, where small devices, low power consumption and wireless systems are beneficial.

TODE20230517006: Smart digital data engine enables app that exactly meets the documentation needs of the shipping industry

A Northern German Start-up has developed a smartphone application to digitize and simplify documentation processes around the vessel and sea freight. The app is adapted to the needs of the maritime industry and helps to combine the mandatory reports and tracking with innovative technology.

TODE20221222012: Ship owners or shipping agencies sought as pilot partners to test innovative coating solution
A start-up from the North of Germany develops an anti-fouling coating that eliminates microplastics pollution, reduces fuel consumption and has a higher durability. To proof performance under real conditions, pilot partners from maritime industries are sought.