Innovation Competition ZeroEmission@Berth

Due to the use of fossil fuels during regular ship operation at sea and for generating electricity during the time in port, ships currently emit significant amounts of air pollutants as well as greenhouse gas emissions within an around the port area. For certain port locations, shore power systems operated with renewable energy offer a useful option to significantly reduce ship emissions while at berth. However, this is by no means the ideal way of reducing emissions at all port locations. This is why the nine largest German seaports want to get to know other solutions to operate ships at berth as climate-neutral and sustainable as possible. With their joint position paper on „ZeroEmission@Berth“, these seaports are positioning themselves for a level playing field, for openness to technology and for the Polluter Pays Principle. The innovation competition aims at identifying and presenting innovative solutions for CO₂ free ship operation at berth.

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany is pleased to help organize and implement this innovation competition.  

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The initiators of the project ‚ZeroEmission@Berth‘ are the port infrastructure companies of the German seaports