Maritime Safety and Security

Issues of civil maritime safety and security are becoming increasingly significant. This does not only concern vessels, traffic routes, ports and transported goods or passengers, but also the people employed in these areas. Those involved are already reacting very sensitively to these challenges with new safety and security concepts, improved standards, innovative products and digital solutions in all areas, such as shipbuilding, the maritime supply industry, or shipping.

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany founded the specialist Group Maritime Safety and Security in January 2018. The aim is to identify issues and future hot spots in the field of maritime safety and security as well as to initiate innovative projects. The specialist group thus complements existing programmes and projects from other institutions and associations and is willing to promote collaboration and cooperation between the individual players.

Key points of the specialist group Maritime Safety and Security include integrated land and sea operations, human-machine interaction, the protection of the maritime infrastructure, damage management, acute and emergency care, as well as qualification and training concepts.


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