Personnel and Qualifications

The lack of skilled workers challenges the maritime economy in a number of ways. Traditional sectors such as shipbuilding, but also industry segments that look back on a shorter development history, already see themselves confronted with shortages in human resources. The issues of education and further training, together with employee recruitment, inevitably carry increasing significance in this context.

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany and companies in the maritime industry address this point head-on and, along with the specialist group Personnel & Qualification that holds regular meetings, they create a platform on which the corresponding solution strategies are formulated and practical approaches are developed, allowing them to be implemented in the shortest possible time.

The Apprentice Network is a working group of the Personnel and Qualifications specialist group, which is specifically aimed at trainees. Membership in the network is open to all trainees who have a connection to the maritime economy, and is free of charge. Discover more ...


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