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Cyberstar is a boutique cybersecurity consultancy for maritime and logistics companies, created as a subsidiary of ZIM (NYSE:ZIM) and in partnership with Konfidas – a leading cybersecurity outfit.


Cyberstar’s mission is to extend the circle of maritime and logistics cybersecurity. Our experts guide all teams in maritime shipping and logistics organizations – empowering/enabling them to do their part in ensuring cyber resilience.


Cyberstar - Assess, Plan, Respond, Practice.

Main Objectives

What makes us different?


1. Cyberstar comes from maritime

2. Cyberstar comes from cyber

3. Our experts engage the whole organization

4. We help you better prepare...

5. …and rebound faster


Before an effective plan can be formulated and materialized – there must be a current-situation assessment which will create a clear picture of existing and potential risks.

Knowing where cyber threats may be coming from, what vulnerabilities and gaps exist, what the current capabilities are and whether the company has compliance needs - is critical in order to optimize the plan going forward. Our experts will evaluate your company’s status and provide management and operational levels, actionable deliverables which will enable you to fully understand your current landscape and cyber posture.


• Cyber Maturity and Business Continuity Assessment

• Threat profiling

• Incident Response Assessment

• Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment


Cyber security threats are becoming increasingly severe, disruptive, and unpredictable. The shipping, maritime and logistics sectors are being targeted more than ever and each company in these sectors whether large or SME must have plans and controls in place to mitigate the threat and improve its chances for quick recovery. Cyberstar works with maritime and logistics companies to develop customized cyber strategies, policies, and action plans that meet the customer’s priorities, risks, and budgets.


• Cyber Security Strategy and Policies

• Cyber Security roadmap planning

• Corporate Incident Response Plan

• Business Continuity Plan


A cyber crisis is much more than an IT crisis. It involves various stakeholders such customers, vendors, partners, authorities, regulators, as well as multiple business functions, processes and systems – operational, commercial, HR and more.

Senior leadership will be required to make many difficult decisions in a highly chaotic and stressful situation. We offer to partner with you in managing such incidents, whether in “end to end” event management mode or in consulting to C levels, based on our extensive experience in managing cyber crises and our profound, native understanding of the specific concerns and pain points of the maritime and logistics industry under such a “black swan” event.


• Incident Response Management

• C-level Management consulting and support


“Train hard, fight easy” – this famous and deeply insightful quote is applicable to cyberspace as well.

Having a solid strategy and plans is a great start, but only practice materially raises the chances of withstanding an actual attack unscathed, only practice subjects the pans to “pressure testing”. Our comprehensive training program goes from staff awareness and readiness to C-level workshops, through tabletop exercises and up to highly complex and elaborate cyber security real-world scenarios, which enable the customer to experience what it is like to be under “incoming fire” of a real cyber-attack.


• Awareness Training

• Leadership workshops and exercises

• Incident Response Training

• Cyber-attack table-top simulation – Crisis Management

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