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Dr. Ivor Nissen

Dr. Ivor Nissen
2414 Kiel

Ivor Nissen (MCN founder member,, point of contact for underwater communications, obtained a PhD in the field of numerical mathematics and optimization at the University of Kiel in 1997. His research interests changed from numerical modelling to signal processing and digital communications for acoustics in shallow water during two years of Post doc research on a Fraunhofer grant. Then he started a career in underwater acoustics at FWG in Kiel. He serves as an underwater communication expert for the German Navy since nineteen years, is the leader of the underwater communication team at FWG, holds lectures at the University of Kiel and Gdynia in this field, and is involved in the analysis of international underwater activities. In the EDA RACUN and SALSA project he was the GER technical coordinator. His main interest is the underwater information management. He is working for DIN, Berlin, in the ISO SC41 panel Internet of Things (IoT). .

Main Objectives

  • Hydro acoustics
  • Information Management
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