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Werum Software & Systems AG

Anna-Vogeley-Straße 20
21337 Lüneburg

For more than 40 years and with a staff of presently more than 100 employees Werum has been implementing market-leading software and IT systems for customers all over the world in industry, research, and public administration. Our individual IT solutions, which are based on platforms specifically developed by Werum, are designed to support customer-specific processes with special focus on Test Data and Information Management, Earth Sciences, eGovernment and Enterprise Information Management.

Main Objectives

  • Data and information management
  • Marine and environmental research
  • Research vessels and measuring networks
  • Earth observation
  • Web technologies and retrieval

Marine and environmental research

Data and information management solutions for efficient administration, supply and further processing of measurement data by users of different research facilities.

Earth observation

A flexible multi-mission platform as well as implementation of satellite data management elements in the development of ground segments and data centers.

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