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Weihe GmbH

Weihe GmbH
Teichkoppel 63
24161 Altenholz

For more than 30 years, Weihe GmbH has produced silencersystems for combustion engines with power ratings between 40 to 10.000 kW. In addition, we offer custom-tailored solutions for particle filters, unique pipings and insulations for exhaust- and cooling applications. The Portfolio is rounded off by shipcoolers and preheating systems. Our success is based on a strong partnership, expertise and innovative solutions provided by our engineering-, sales and productionteams.

Main Objectives

  • Customfit compact silencers
  • Unique piping desings
  • SCR / DPF
  • Heat Insulation
  • Ship coolers

Custom specific

Anybody can do ordinary. For each and every customer, Weihe develops individual and complete solutions – especially for your challenge!

In-house production

Our manufacturing department is qualified for the most demanding requirements. - Black steel, stainless steel and even Titanium.

All branches

Vehicles, construction machinery, power units, maritime, Rail, power plants,...

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