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Worldwide, more than 4000 people are employed by the Viega Group - it is among the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating systems and industry applications. The product range comprises more than 17.000 articles, including Seapress, a press system especially for shipbuilding. While production is concentrated at four main sites in Germany, Viega employees at ten locations worldwide are dedicated to the success of the family business that has been founded in 1899.

Main Objectives

  • Piping systems copper: Profipress
  • Piping systems stainless steel: Sanpress Inox
  • Piping systems multilayer: Raxofix / Sanfix Fosta
  • Seawater application: Seapress CuNiFe90/10

Seapress CuNiFe90/10 for cooling seawater systems / freshwater generator seawater systems (medium: seawater)

Profipress/Sanpress for cooling freshwater systems LT / cooling freshwater systems HT / fire extinguishing systems / A/C heating water systems (medium: water) / cooling systems for provision cooling (medium: glycol) / technical water systems (medium: water) / cold/hot potable water systems (medium: water) / working air systems (medium: air)

Sanfix Fosta/Raxofix for cold/hot potable water systems / window washing systems (medium: water)

Solder fittings for steam systems (medium: steam/water) / condensate systems (medium: water) and refrigerant systems (medium: refrigerant) and Sanpress Inox for drain lines in different systems (medium: water)

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