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T&T In Situ Machining GmbH

Mühlenweg 143
22844 Norderstedt

T&T In Situ Machining GmbH offers it’s international customers on site machining with mobile machines and lasermeasurements/-alignments. Thanks to it’s wide ranged machine-park, which is above average in the industry, and over 20 years of experience tailored solutions can be found for nearly any technical task. High readiness, flexibility, accuracy and quality are as self-evident as our 24-hours-service.

Main Objectives

  • Lasermeasurement/-alignment (2D / 3D)
  • Line-Boring on site
  • Milling on site
  • Flange-Facing on site
  • 24-hour-service. Worldwide.

Mobile machining on site

  • Bores from Ø40 up to 2.000mm
  • Flanges from Ø1 up to 6.500mm
  • Surfaces beginning from 100mm


  • 2D Laser-Measurement and alignment of nearly any industrial plant like machine trains, propulsion-/rudder-plants, power packs, generators, (propulsion-)shafts.
  • 3D coodinational laser-measurement of structures, plants, geometries...
  • 3D scans of casings, surfaces and more.

24/7 Service. Worldwide.

We are there if you need us. No matter when. No matter where. 24-hours-service-hotline: +49 (0) 40 53 53 22 25

Highly Qualified. Agile. Reliable.

Our specialists will find a tailored solution for nearly any tasks

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