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Treo - Labor für Umweltsimulation GmbH

Tempowerkring 19
21079 Hamburg

Treo is an independent service provider for product and component tests with a special focus on companies in the shipbuilding and marine industry.
With both test laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in Hamburg and Kiel, Treo carry out tests according to industry standards and individual customer requirements in the field of environmental simulation and EMC.

Main Objectives

  • EMC
  • Environmental simulation
  • Type approval tests
  • Testing laboratory
  • Component testing

Broad test spectrum

e.g. climate, vibration, corrosion, waterproofness and EMC

Especially adjusted testing equipment for shipbuilding applications

e.g. a goniometer and inclination tests

International accepted

Both Laboratories are DNV GL approved and received special authorizations

Individual Service

For each challenge our team develops the optimal testing procedure

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