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Tethys ENOTEC Gmbh is engaged in air, water and sewage treatment, started from water analysis and ended with finished, ready for operation system.The spectrum of business extend to potable water (Water maker), Filtersystems, boiler feed (DM) Water, desalination plants till the complete units for water and wastewater treatment. The experts have a very good experience in plant engineering (especially innovative in marine / Offshore applications, skids, tailor made systems). All made in Germany.

Main Objectives

  • Water & Wastewater treatmen

  • Waste air purificatio

  • Filter technique

  • Offshore technique / Equipment

  • Engineering


Tethys ENOTEC GmbH delivers the complete engineering and the relevant systems for enviromental technique: potable water, process water, sewage treatment, cooling water as well as air treatment, etc.

Maritime Sector

Oily water separator, Shifs sewage treatment plant, grease trap, odor removal from vent, corrosion protection for tanks and pipes, etc.

Flexibly usable

They can be built as skids for in and outside.

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