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SVT GmbH is a global manufacturer of loading equipment for loading and unloading of liquid and gaseous products and offers a comprehensive program of Marine & Truck/Railcar Loading Arms. Additional, SVT also constructs, manufactures and tests all key components as Swivel Joints, Emergency Release Couplers Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers and Control Systems also in Germany. Furthermore, SVT is technology leader in providing solutions for LNG Bunkering.

Main Objectives

  • Loading Technologies  
  • LNG Loading and Bunkering
  • Marine Loading Arms, Truck and Railway Loading Arms
  • Commissioning, Maintenance and Service
  • Safety first


More than 40 years of experience in design and production in Loading Technology.

Maintenance and service

(also for Wiese and Connex Loading Arms)


Complete solutions for loading and unloading of liquid and gaseous media.

Keep it simple - Keep it safe


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