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SubCtech develops maritime technologies for industry and science:
„Ocean Monitoring“: Measurement systems for vessels, buoys or subsea such as ROV and AUV, e.g. high precision LI-COR CO2 analyzers.
„Ocean Power“: Market leader for high-efficient, -reliable and -safe Li-Ion batteries.
Certified to ISO 9001:2008 we are producing according to the highest industry level IPC-A-600/610/620 class 3 for Offshore Oil+Gas. Our speciality are „customized“ solutions.

Main Objectives

  • Batteries
  • Sensor
  • Monitoring
  • CO2
  • Offshore

Market leader

With CO2 analyzers and Li-Ion batteries, we are an international market leader. "Made in Germany" means for us quality, reliability, competence, efficiency.

Customer Orientation

Our team develops and produces optimal solutions in all project phases together with our customers. Personal contact is self-evident.

Global Responsible Care

Our pioneering role.

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