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Stiftung Deutsche Lutherische Seemannsmission

Kanalufer 48
24768 Rendsburg

The foundation German Lutheran Seamen’s Mission advocates humanity in shipping. For this very purpose the foundation supports the local seamen’s missions financially and purely on a charitable and voluntarily basis. The revenues are generated by own assets and supported through fund-raising campaigns. Thereby seafarers from all over the world are supported in the local seamen’s clubs. The foundation as well as the clubs are truly committed to the their motto “support of seafarers’ dignity“.

Main Objectives

  • Humanity

  • Care

  • Assistance

  • Counselling

  • Fund-raising

Financial support to the local seamen’s missions

Psycho-social emergency support to seafarers

Campaign “Weihnachten am Ohr“ (providing free telephone access to seafarers during Christmas holidays) and on-board visits

education and training of volunteers in the seamen’s missions

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