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Stein Maritime Consulting

Neuer Kamp 32
20357 Hamburg

A young company dedicated to innovative solutions within the maritime industry. Our focus lies on the integration of unmanned systems into port facilities and shipping companies, as well as the set-up of tailormade online learning solutions for maritime companies. Therefore we combine academic evaluation and practical application to contribute transferring the shipping industry into the digital age. 

Main Objectives

  • Drones
  • Port Security
  • E-learning
  • Maritime Logistics
  • Research & Development

Drones - Consulting and Integration

We focus on the application of unmanned systems in the maritime Industry, using flying- (UAV) and diving-(ROV) technology. 

E-learning in the maritime domain

We deliver online courses tailor made for your company's demands dealing with topics of ISPS-Code, Safety, Data Protection, Complicance etc.

3D modeling of critical infrastructure

We create three dimensional models of critical infrastructure with the purpose of danger prevention using drones and photogrammetry. 

Research & Development

We accompany your project of maritime innovation from a consulting or researching perspective.

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