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Schlenk-Consult offers profound expertise to analyze international maritime markets and will help you to fully understand and to undertake the right measures. We help you to find international project, clients & business partners in all active shipbuilding countries. When you plan to expand your sales- & service network, we surely can help you to select the right partners. During international exhibitions it’s sometimes difficult to get in contact with the right people / deciders – here we can count on more than 20 years of experience and market presence. If you need general market research and analysis your should talk to us. Finally we can help you with translations and PR material & technical documents into German, English, French, Chinese & Russian.

Main Objectives

We make your company more successful


You can count on more than 20 year of experience within the maritime market


We support you to better hold and develop your markets


We help you to generate new business ideas and develop new products


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