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Bremer Straße 302a
21077 Hamburg

E-MS offers tailor-made, customer-specific concepts for the economical and environmentally friendly power supply of electrical drive systems and vehicle electrical systems.  Since July 2020, E-MS has been part of the renowned RENK Group, the world's leading specialists for solutions to control extreme forces in the entire powertrain. For our customers, this results in considerable synergy effects in the design and realization of complex and sophisticated propulsion systems on board ships of all types and sizes.

Main Objectives

Consulting, Project planning, Engineering, Commissionin, Service


Our patented ship`s network and propulsion solution enables ultra-precise regulation of all electrical energy used for the on-board network and propulsion - particulary for loads with significant, dynamic fluctuations. All components required for our systems are manufactured by our long-term international manufacturing partners according to the specifications of our engineerings and technicians. 


Our E-RD is a highly integrated control, diagnosis and forecasting tool for ship operation. The modular structure of our E-RD system enables a wide range of innovative and cost-reducing applications based on remote monitoring. They range from remote diagnosis to on-condition maintenance and forcecasting of incidents and operating status based on the recorded data. 


We offer know-how, independent advice and services from the initial idea to running operation. E-MS uses the team's expertise not only for its own product development, but also to offer advice on all aspects of power generation and supply on board of ships and offshore platforms.


  • Series of over 60 river cruise ships with diesel-electric propulsion
  • Series of four 85-meter megayachts with innovative diesel-electric propulsion systems
  • Series of four heavy lift vessels and cruise ships
  • SWATH research vessel with innovative diesel-electric propulsion system
  • 140-meter plus megayacht with innovative diesel-electric propulsion system
  • Various oil and offshore platforms
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