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Pihl Expert GmbH



- Experienced experts in the shipping and offshore wind industry

- Decades of experience in courts (ö.b.u.v.) and arbitration tribunals

- Maritime engineering office, shipbuilding and ship operation calculations (strength, cargo securing, stability books)

- Owner-managed, founded in 2000, documentation and surveys: production, repair, transportation, damage, on/off hire, etc.


- Since 2008 in offshore wind, construction supervision, quality, inspections (drone and ROV)

- ROV underwater inspection and salvage, ships and offshore wind, own measurement technology, own ROV fleet, consulting, planning, implementation, documentation

- FROSIO level III, coating inspection and assessment, own measurement technology

- Ultrasonic crack, thickness and leak testing (hatches), in-house measurement technology

- Damage assessment, preservation of evidence, root cause analysis, FEM

Main Objectives

  • Expert opinions and preservation of evidence
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality inspection
  • FROSIO coating inspection and consulting
  • ROV service and consulting
  • Ultrasonic (UT) service and consulting


Expert witnesses and engineers

Decades of experience in courts and arbitration tribunals


Management by Owner business,

24/7 Service

ROV, Multicopter, Working at Heights

We can achieve everything

ISO 9001


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