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Matau-Marine GmbH

Gerhard-Rohlfs-Straße 27a
28757 Bremen

Matau-Marine GmbH has been founded to improve the safety, protect the environment by serving our customers.
We achieve our goal by working with human beings, using best management practices and reflective learning strategies.
By doing so, we just happen to reduce costs and improve the performance of our clients‘ organisations.

Main Objectives

  • Interim Management
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • ISO 14001
  • Representation

Interim / Project Management

We offer Interim Management for urgent needs as well as project management and consultancy service.

ISO 14001

As internal auditor for ISO 14001 and as environmental management officer we can be a great added valued to your organisation.


We offer maritime training for office & sea staff staff to your demands and to clarify the interlink between both parties.

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