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Since 1997 Martechnic® designs and develops effective technical solutions regarding oil quality management of fuel, lube and hydraulic oil. The company offers engineers and users a wide range of products for direct on-site determination of oil condition and verification of critical oil parameters, e.g., water-in-oil, viscosity, density, alkalinity reserve (BN, formerly TBN), iron concentration etc. The trend monitoring of essential oil parameters can be conducted with the help of portable test equipment or by means of advanced sensor technology in accordance with individual customer requirements. Martechnic®‘s product line also includes various sampling equipment and sampling kits as well as efficient ultrasonic cleaning devices.

Main Objectives

  • Oil Quality Management
  • Portable Test Devices and Test Kits
  • Sampling Equipment
  • In-line Sensor Technology
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

Oil Quality Management

In the framework of oil quality management, Martechnic® offers ist customers products and solutions for quick, easy and accurate on-site analysis of fuel, lube and hydraulic oil condition. Direct availability of test results helps to provide smooth operation of the engine system, to reduce costs, to save valuable resources and to protect the environment.

Test Devices and Test Kits for Rapid Oil Analysis

Portable test devices and test kits are desiged for on-site trend monitoring of the oil condition and intended for timely detection of any occurring uncharacteristic changes of specific oil parameters and implementation of necessary corrective measures. Quick test results and their direct assessment provide possibility for cost effective engine maintenance decisions.

In-line Advanced Sensor Technology

Permanently installed advanced sensor technology offers continuous 24/7 monitoring of the oil condition of generators, main engines and hydraulic systems and provides real-time information on the measured parameters. The modular design of the sensor monitoring system provides possibility for flexible, customer-specific solutions and optimization of investment cost.

Sampling Equipment and Ultrasonic Cleaning

Sampling equipment and sampling bottles have been developed in accordance with international standards and MARPOL requirements and enable appropriate collection, handling, storage and transport of tamper-evident and representative oil samples. Ultrasonic cleaning devices ensure safe, gentle and efficient cleaning of engine parts.

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