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Maritime Electronic Supply Hub GmbH (MESH)

Bürgerfelder Straße 1
26127 Oldenburg

MESH is the only order- and monitoring tool for provisions to ensure a sufficient, varied and healthy diet beside detailed budget control.

The System replaces the entire administration of the procurement process of provisions and stores and connects the professionals on board with the professionals ashore.

"Our" vessels send ready-made orders and always get, what they have ordered. This unique promise saves our customers and suppliers a lot of time and money.

The algorithm cares for proven perfectly catered vessels and guarantees that the budget will be hold at any time

-> Many advantages | no risk at all!

Main Objectives

Procurement, Platform, Catering, Supply-Chain, Digitalization

80% manual efforts for 8% volume - that's not a modern way!

The procurement process for stores consumables requires 80% of the time of the purchaser in a shipping company.

40+ Emails sent, 20+ persons involved, 300+ Euros per event

- that makes no sense!

Digital procurement via MESH means

  • automated offer comparison
  • no discussions with the vessels about quantities or budgets
  • reliable partners

= Procurement 4.0

Catering is a main entertainment on board. Crew Welfare begins with food!

I imagine to work 12+ hours a day, not having any weekend or day offs, being available at night, thousand of kilometres away from family and friends - and then someone reduces my food because it's too expensive.

MESH guarantees (!) a sufficient, varied and healthy catering on board at any time and simultaneously saves money.

Your crew deserves it!

M/V Digitalization has left the port. Do you join or do you stay on shore?

"Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good service that creates value."

Which added value does MESH generate?

  • Cost reduction
  • No administration
  • Vessel perfectly catered (unique!)
  • Evaluations / Reportings at any time
  • Proof of concept existing (no risk!)
  • Budget control

Don't say you don't like the pie until you taste it!

“Almost any question can be answered cheaply, quickly and finally, by a test campaign. And that’s the way to answer them – not by arguments around a table.” 

(Claude Hopkins, “Scientific Advertising” (published in 1923)

Schedule your "demo-session" today and see how easy it can be!

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