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ISS-Maritime GmbH

Platanenallee 1c
22529 Hamburg

The remote window on board:
ISS-Maritime develops and operates web platforms for naval industrial purposes of monitoring and surveillance. Solutions following customer's needs and paid per use. We develop the solution in all parts, like hardware, connection management, interfaces and representation, to ensure a high (german) level of security for a powerful next level system.

Main Objectives

  • System monitoring
  • Internet data transport
  • Seeworthy computer hardware
  • Security concepts
  • Visualizing and virtualizing on the web



ISS-Maritime provides web-platforms for industrial purposes (Industry 4.0). We offer maximum performance for naval conditions.

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We offer

Paid per use for maximum profitability.  Worldwirde following highest german standards of security and operational safety



Experts grown out of 20 years experience in the sector of web based services

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