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Idealship GmbH

Fraunhoferstraße 3
25524 Itzehoe

We support our clients to operate their vessels in an ideal manner through vessel performance analytics. Improving efficiency through digitalization is our primary focus area. Our contribution is the analysis of large datasets to make the vessel's actual performance measurable and comparable, generating savings on the bottom-line.

Main Objectives

- Vessel performance analytics
- Individual solutions
- IT plus shipping knowledge

Custom analysis

Already existing data usually hides a lot of valuable insights. Revealing them requires deep knowledge in statistics and know-how of the right software tools. We offer both.

Management reports and scorecards

We assist our clients to keep track of how their assets are operated through lean and transparent management reports. Further to this efficiency improvements can be derived through a well defined scorecard process.

Tool development

With individual, smaller or larger, software tools many tasks can be done better and faster. We have the knowledge to build the optimal tool for the customer.

Ship modelling

Performance analysis is based on models and baselines. We know how to create and calibrate them.

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