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Think Digital – with Herberg Systems! We love to develop software that frees companies from the pressure to offer more for less. Thus, we offer Freiraum for development, growth and long-lasting success and of course life itself. With our innovative Cloud-Software and system integration are we the leading provider in shipping since 1998.

Main Objectives

  • customer-oriented support
  • projecting and development
  • individual solutions
  • Saving of time
  • automatic data analysis

Innovation Workshop

You are still looking for an idea which will get you a step further? An idea, which makes everything simpler, will also make you competitive in the future or an idea which will raise your total revenues? Then send your spirit for innovations to an expedition with our three-hour-long Innovation -Workshop and find new concrete ideas for your company!


You already have a concrete idea for a software solution and want to go a step further? Then talk to us! With years of experience in agile software development, we will support you in visualizing a digital sketch (mockup) or a prototype. Thus, you get to know every inch of your idea without high costs and reach an important conclusion about what will come next.

Agile software development

Do you want to realize your idea? Integrating it appealingly as an app or via API in other systems? With our highly qualified team of developers and a lot of passion, we will realize your software project based on your ideas. Fast, agile and cutting-edge. We will work with small steps so you will always have a completed result.

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