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HASYTEC Electronics AG

Söhren 44
24232 Schönkirchen Schleswig-Holstein

Hasytec Electronics GmbH is responsible for the development, production and distribution of ultrasound systems to avoid biological pollution and deposits. The Dynamic Biofilm Protection Technology is environmentally friendly and sustainably too. Our goal is to protect, maintain and improve the environment in the long term and to provide a true cost advantage for our customers.

Main Objectives

  • Preventing the adhesion of microorganisms
  • Biofilm removal and prevention
  • Prevention of the formation of biofilm based bacteria
  • Avoidance of biocorrosion
  • Avoidance of maritime growth


We are in charge for our customers worldwide.

Operation round the clock

We assist our customers at any time regardless of whether in planning, assembly or technical questions.

Because it works!

We guarantee that our system works, so we grant 5 years warranty on the result.

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