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Hantec GmbH

Möllner Str. 2
23883 Lehmrade

Hantec Gmbh is a known provider of professional communication solutions for maritime and landmobile applications. Some of our fields are more precisley the inexpensive internet connection of vessels, maritime TV solutions and supply of necessary IT system solutions. Additionally our company provides many special solutions for the sectors of wireless communications, radio links, SatCom, SAPOS, development of antennas, professional ROVs and refurbishment of antenna systems of various size.

Main Objectives

  • VSaT, SatCom
  • TVRO systems
  • Wireless communications
  • ROV

Know How

We have the knowledge and the experience in the field of international maritime communications like SatCom, VSAT, radio and RF, TVRO and Internet and the ambition to realize complex projects.


Are always in the first place.


We work interdisciplinary.


We take care of the planning, processing and post-processing.

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