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Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH

Zum Borkumanleger 6
26723 Emden

Ems Maritime Offshore (EMO) was founded in 2010 and offers comprehensive maritime services for offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Sea. In addition to the activities of a certified shipping company that focuses on the special requirements of offshore wind farms, EMO also provides the necessary port services at various service ports near the wind farm clusters. The comprehensive service package is rounded off by the Maritime Coordination Department, which is responsible for the control of all logistical processes and maritime sea surveillance by the in-house control center VENTUSmarine. With its experience, EMO stands for service, quality, commitment and flexibility. 

Main Objectives

  • Ship Management
  • Transport Services
  • Maritime Services
  • Port & Logistics Services
  • Technical & Engineering Services
  • Coordination Services

Maritime Services

EMO maintains its own modern fleet of crew transfer and guard vessels and will always find the right ship for every offshore project.

Port and Logistics Services

At our service locations on the island of Borkum, in Eemshaven, Emden and Emden-Knock, we offer our customers comprehensive services ranging from warehousing and logistics to location consulting and project management.

Technical and Engineering Services

Our team of experienced masters and engineers guarantees modern and reliable ship management.


Our maritime control center for offshore projects, staffed around the clock with experienced navigators.

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