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embeteco GmbH & Co. KG

Marie-Curie-Str. 1
26129 Oldenburg

embeteco partners with businesses, Cities and Regions, to help them master the challenges of digital transformation and to develop and execute their digital strategies. We provide turnkey solutions for setting up your innovation development management while delivering access to government grants and supporting the entire grant application process.

Main Objectives

  • digitization / platformisation
  • strategy development / networking
  • innovation consulting / innovation management
  • funding acquisition / project management
  • portals, clouds, apps, IoT and CPS

Our strengths

embeteco supports its customers as a catalyst in the digital transformation and brings its long-standing knowledge about megatrends, technology development and innovation processes into the cooperation with its partners.

Research and development

In addition, we add our high level of expertise in the field of research and development and our long experience in the implementation of concrete innovation projects.

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