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develogic GmbH

Hammer Deich 70
20537 Hamburg

develogic develops  & distributes system solutions for data collection & transmission for the offshore- & marine engineering.
Experienced engineers develop, produce & ensure highest quality products cost-efficiently. We are capable to produce complex products & complete systems with minimal leading times. Our product range conists of acoustic telemetry systems, data buoys, data logger & system controller, seafloor lander & floating units, sound sources & recorders, pressure housings, mooring frames & swivels, underwater camera systems, battery containers, cables & connectors.

Main Objectives

  • Underwater Communication Systems
  • Bottom Lander
  • Underwater Housing Systems
  • Data Logger
  • Underwater Camera Systems            

From Seafloor to Desktop

Solutions for data collection in the sea & data transport to the final client.

Modular Design 

Combination of approved components to solve new & complex tasks.


Preparation of system specifications, implementation of mechanics/electronics, prototype testing, deployment/data evaluation support.

From Desktop to Seafloor

Specification, development/production in the fields of mechanics, electronics, software, quality assurance & trials.

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