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CineMare Int’l Ocean Film Festival Kiel

Knooper Weg 149a
24118 Kiel

The film festival’s main aim is to create a joint platform for marine research, art, and water sports through the medium of film. In addition to cinemas and museums around the city, the CineMare Kiel holds screenings at the Mediendom Kiel, a state of the art facility for 360° full dome projections on the eastern part of the Kiel Fjord, and thereby connecting the eastern and the western shores of the fjord through film. CineMare Kiel brings the ocean ashore and onto the cinema screens, letting the audience experience „the blue“ in „the green“. The film festival wants to excite the people for our oceans and further their connection with the sea. Understanding the value of our mostly blue planet is the first step to protecting it.
CineMare Int’l Ocean Film Festival Kiel brings ocean themed films of all genres to the cinema screen. A team of ocean enthusiasts, film makers and scientists selects the best from hundreds of ocean films worldwide to create an exclusive cinema experience. Whenever possible the filmmakers present their films in person. In direct dialogue with the filmmakers, the audience can experience the oceans unfolding on screen even more intensely. In addition to a diverse program of feature length and short films, animations, documentaries and live action, CineMare Kiel offers maritime scientific lectures.

Main Objectives

  • film screenings
  • entertainment
  • education
  • ocean conservation
  • ocean research

Culture Marketing. Region Branding.

Excite the People for our Oceans and further their Connection with the Sea.

Ocean Films: Seafarer Films, Ocean Sport Films, Ocean Nature Films, Ocean Conservationist Films, Marine Research Films, Ocean Short Films.

Maritime Scientific Lectures, Special Screenings and Events.

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