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MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH

Fritz-Haber-Straße 9
06217 Merseburg

MOL is a front-runner in pioneering water treatment solutions, with a specialized focus on the maritime sector. Our innovative technology optimizes operational efficiency, maximizes energy savings, and adheres to the highest HQSE standards. Our advanced systems boost water treatment effectiveness, promoting cleaner surfaces and enhancing productivity. We're committed to stringent environmental compliance and sustainable operations. Our unique approach also assists in Legionella prevention, strengthening the overall health of your water systems.


Harnessing the power of catalytic water treatment, we strive to drive substantial value across maritime and industrial sectors. We assist our clients in achieving optimal operational modes and making strides towards environmental sustainability.


Reach out to MOL today. Experience the transformative effects of our advanced water treatment solutions and let's set sail towards a more sustainable, efficient future together.

Main Objectives

Efficiency, Sustainability, Safety, Productivity, Prevention

Boost Your Vessel Efficiency

Boost Your Vessel Efficiency with Catalytic Water Treatment: Experience significant operational enhancements on your ships with our catalytic water treatment solutions. MOL Catalytic Technology ensures clean systems, increased productivity, and stringent environmental protection. Let us optimize your operational performance together. Contact us now!

Maximize On-board Energy Savings

Maximize On-board Energy Savings with MOL: Our advanced technology minimizes your energy consumption while simultaneously improving your ship's environmental performance. Learn how you can achieve sustainable competitive advantages with us. Schedule a consultation today!

Prevent Legionella and Fortify Your System's Health

Prevent Legionella and Fortify Your System's Health: MOL's unique water treatment solutions promote safety and health on board. Protect your crew and passengers - we're here to help. Get in touch with us!

Choose MOL for Sustainable Water Treatment

Choose MOL for Sustainable Water Treatment in Maritime Sector: Our approach supports you in meeting the strictest environmental standards while also promoting your corporate sustainability. Take the next step towards an environmentally conscious future. Reach out to us!

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