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Fraunhofer IGD

Joachim-Jungius-Straße 11
18059 Rostock

Fraunhofer IGD is the world's leading institute for applied research in Visual Computing. Visual Computing is image- and model-based information technology and includes computer graphics, computer vision, as well as virtual and augmented reality. The Competence Center Maritime Graphics is developping graphic software solutions, such as virtual training systems and underwater image processing, for clients from shipbuilding, shipping and maritime technology.

Main Objectives

  • visualization
  • image processing
  • simulation
  • maritime computer science
  • research

Applied research

We are the partner of maritime industry for innovative IT solutions!


We offer visual computing competence for over 20 years!

People-centered technology

We raise the interaction between human and machine to a new level!

Tailor-made solutions

We develop costumized IT solutions for the practical use!

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