18. Januar 2021

Internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor

Internationale Kooperationsgesuche, maritim

Bildrechte: G. Altmann / Pixabay

Das Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland arbeitet eng mit dem Enterprise Europe Network zusammen. Im Rahmen der Kooperationspartnerschaft können individuelle Kontakte zu internationalen Geschäfts- und Forschungspartnern hergestellt werden. Nachfolgend finden Sie aktuelle internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte unter Angabe der Chiffre-Nummer an Silke Schleiff oder Ole Bast vom Enterprise Europe Network.

Silke Schleiff, +49 40 76629-6355, schleiff@tutech.de
Julia Feddersen, +49 421 361-32291, julia.feddersen@wae.bremen.de



Automatic stabilisation control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessels A French startup has developed an electronic system which can automatically control the stabilisation of a watercraft using sensors, electronics and mechatronics. This system has been tested with very good results on the different watercrafts: sailing catamarans and motor boats. The SME is now looking for naval architects, hydrofoil manufacturers or project leaders working on hydrofoils with best performance watercrafts, under commercial agreements with technical assistance. 


Onboard digital AI co-pilot system that provides vessel operators with intuitive decision support and trip predictions is seeking partners in Europe Icelandic SME has conducted extensive research into wave impacts & vessel movements in order to develop a system for guided vessel operations and is looking for commercial and technical cooperation. The system prevents possible hazardous slamming impacts to vessels and reduces likelihood of vessel mishandling by providing actionable guidance and insights to operators. Result is improved safety and cost reduction from vessel and equipment maintenance, reduced fuel consumption, and insurance claim.


A French company developing new compressors powering fuel cell engines with higher performance is looking for commercial, technical and research partnerships The French SME has developed a microturbine technology which is a perfect fit for fuel cell applications enabling them to develop and produce extremely efficient, compact and reliable feed air delivery compressors (20%-30% better than other fuel cell compressors) and recirculation anode blowers. The company is looking for further commercial agreement with technical assistance, or technical/research cooperation agreement, in EU countries.


German company offers representation and distribution for electronic and electromechanical components and assemblies A northern German SME is a well estabhttp://een.ec.europa.eu/ Please check the event section for the “MariMatch@SMM 2021 – International Brokerage Event at SMM Digital” NEWS Import/export made easy: discover the new Access2Markets platform The European Commission’s Directorate General for Trade (DG TRADE) has launched the new Access2Markets portal. The portal provides you with all you need to know when exporting from the EU or importing into the EU. It comprises product-by-product information on: o EU trade agreements o trade barriers o duties, tariffs and taxes o product rules and requirements o customs procedures o rules of origin o statistics This information covers all European countries and over 120 export markets around the world. Access2Markets is for companies entering the world of international trade, chambers of commerce and export promotion organisations. Source: een.ec.europa.eu/news/ lished representative and distributor of active and passive electronic components as well as electromechanical components and assemblies to a diversity of industries. To complement the portfolio, the company is offering cooperation in form of commercial agency and distribution services agreements covering the northern half of Germany to producers of electronic components such as sensors, magnets, relays, clamps, switches and fuses.


A Finnish manufacturer of predictive maintenance sensors for maritime, process and energy industries seeks distributors or commercial agents in France and Germany A Finnish company is specialised in machinery condition monitoring. The company’s product is unique and patented machinery health monitoring sensor for oil lubricated rotating machinery. The sensor detects and records all metal particles and moisture (water) from the lubricating oil in real-time. The company seeks machinery and equipment repair companies or value-added resellers as distributors or commercial agents for the sensors in France and Germany.


UK SME and manufacturers of oscillators and high frequency control systems is seeking distributors and commercial agents This is UK-based, manufacturer and supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency-related products to the electronics manufacturing industry worldwide. The company design and manufacture a comprehensive range of frequency-related components and custom build components. Multiple sectors are supported including aerospace, telecoms, marine, medical, space and defence. This SME is currently seeking distribution and commercial agency agreements.


UK precision engineering SME seeks distribution partners for their advanced composite plate saw solutions A UK precision engineering SME has designed and produced a range of intuitive cutting solutions designed to cleanly, efficiently and accurately cut and machine composite panels into test specimens and intricate production components. This composite saw fills a gap in a relatively immature market presenting opportunities in a variety of sectors that are increasingly using advanced composites in critical load bearing engineering solutions. The UK company is looking for distributors. 


Ukrainian software development company offers the software for marine propulsion shafting alignment, torsion, axial and whirling vibration analysis at the design, production, maintenance and ship repair stages under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement The Ukrainian software development and consulting company offers software to shipyards, maritime engineering, shipbuilding, ship owners and other engineering companies. The software provides all the types of marine shafting calculations required by the classification societies for new and repaired ships. Cooperation is envisaged through subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.  


Polish company from metal processing sector offers its services under manufacturing agreements and subcontracting Polish SME from West Pomerania dedicated to metal processing such as welding, metal sheet cutting, bending, machining, painting offers its diverse services to foreign partners under manufacturing and subcontracting agreements. The company wishes to establish long term relations with partners from abroad to enter new markets.


A Greek startup offers an end-to-end, tracking and collaboration platform for the supply chain and looking for companies dealing with sea freight cargo as beta users A Greek ICT startup has developed a tracking and collaboration platform for the supply chain industry. The platform tracks the whole order cycle and gives visibility of the status of the order. The company is looking for companies dealing with sea freight cargo willing to test the product. The type of partnership considered is technical cooperation agreement.


A Spanish SME is offering its expertise on autopilots and drone components for H2020 European Green Deal Call and other applications A Spanish leading company in the drone sector is offering its expertise in autopilots and related services for drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts (eVTOLs), to be integrated in a consortia applying to Green Deal Call Area 5, LC-GD-5-1-2020 green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility. A research cooperation agreement with SMEs, corporates, universities or research centres in envisaged.


Innovative systems to prevent oil and plastic waste in rivers from entering the sea. An Italian company is looking for corporate investors with good capability in the industrialization and commercialization phases interested to exploit the patents New innovative systems designed and developed by an Italian team, that prevent plastic waste and oil in rivers from entering the sea, whilst also allowing navigability and having no detrimental effect on river flora and fauna. As the projects are ready to enter the market, the company is now looking for industries working in the environmental sector and services interested to invest thought licensing agreement or investing in the industrialization and commercialization phases.


A French SME is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement for a transfer of an innovative technology which detects insect (hidden and visible) in grain stored in bulk The company has designed, developed and industrialized an integrated technology in a product line. It provides early detection and evaluates the density of infestations) in stored cereals and pulses (legumes) through the application of proprietary software. The SME sells mostly in France and is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement in EU countries, particularly in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden.