21. August 2020

Internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor

Kooperationen, International

Bildrechte: Pixabay

Das Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland arbeitet eng mit dem Enterprise Europe Network zusammen. Im Rahmen der Kooperationspartnerschaft können individuelle Kontakte zu internationalen Geschäfts- und Forschungspartnern hergestellt werden. Nachfolgend finden Sie aktuelle internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte unter Angabe der Chiffre-Nummer an Silke Schleiff oder Ole Bast vom Enterprise Europe Network.

Silke Schleiff, +49 40 76629-6355, schleiff@tutech.de
Ole Bast, +49 421/9600-334, ole.bast@wah.bremen.de





RDES20200720001: Eureka/Eurostars: Spanish SME is seeking partner with experience in machinery failures prediction of the ship

Spanish SME is dedicated to the development of a smart system for improving navigation, capable of taking real-time decisions, allow navigation by remote control, and improve 3 aspects of the naval industry: security, costs, and energy efficiency. Five of the Systems modules have already been demonstrated in a real environment and the other in maritime drones. To apply for Eurostars the SME is seeking partners with expertise in Control and Prediction of Machinery Failures. The specific area of activity of the partner: University, R&D Institution, or SME with experience in Prediction ship Machinery Failures with TRL6 or higher.
The Eurostars call cut-off date is February 2021.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 31 December 2020.
Anticipated duration of the project – two years.

BORO20200430002: Romanian company specialized in design and manufacture of equipment for the offshore renewable energy, oceanographic research vessel is open to manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

Romanian company operates in the following areas: automotive industry, power industry, petrochemical industry, marine industry, heavy steel constructions and bridge cranes. It is specialized in the engineering, design and fabrication of welded and machined machines and constructions, as well as hydraulic lifting machinery. In order to consolidate its presence on international level, the company is looking for a partner interested in a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.

TOCY20200710001: Cloud software solution for maritime and inland waters industries

A Cypriot SME, active in the field of software solutions for ship management companies, offers its innovative cloud software as a service solution for maritime and inland waters ship management companies. The software, already on the market, helps shipowners, ship managers and crewing agents make crew and fleet management simple, efficient and cost predictable. The SME is seeking investors for project development, license and commercial agreements with technical assistance for commercialisation.

TRFR20200408001: A French oyster production company is looking for a technical cooperation agreement with a sensor manufacturer to integrate the sensor on suspension culture tables made on ropes in the lagoon or in the open sea.

A French company, producing oysters on tables in lagoons, is looking for a measurement sensor, which records at least the oxygen level in water and temperatures and salinity and has an interface to collect data on demand. The company has several software solutions and a historical database to manage production. A technical cooperation programme is planned in which the French company could integrate the new sensor into the existing infrastructure.

BONL20200713002: Dutch company in plug and play energy installations offers a solar boathouse to be sold in Belgium and Germany under a distribution services agreement

A Dutch engineering company with experience in generating and storage of renewable energy has developed a new product based on solar panels. The boathouse makes a combination of docking a boat and generating photovoltaic (PV) power with a short pay-back period. To expand the market the company is looking for partners in Belgium and Germany. The type of collaboration proposed is a joint venture or a distribution services agreement, but a license agreement is also possible.

BOUK20200616001: Seeking distributors, commercial sales agents, and end users for novel droplet microfluidic sensors for water, wastewater and marine environments

A spin-out company from a UK university has developed compact and portable real-time sensors to measure and monitor water pollution. They are looking for distributors and commercial sales agents from the environmental industry specifically with contacts in monitoring and quality. They are also interested in working with environment regulatory bodies/research organizations/local authorities/relevant government departments but they will be considered as end-users and offered outsourcing agreement.