10. März 2020

Internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor


Bildrechte: Rawpixel/Pixabay

Das Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland arbeitet eng mit dem Enterprise Europe Network zusammen. Im Rahmen der Kooperationspartnerschaft können individuelle Kontakte zu internationalen Geschäfts- und Forschungspartnern hergestellt werden. Nachfolgend finden Sie aktuelle internationale Kooperationsgesuche aus dem maritimen Sektor. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte unter Angabe der Chiffre-Nummer an Silke Schleiff oder Ole Bast vom Enterprise Europe Network.

Silke Schleiff, +49 40 76629-6355, schleiff@tutech.de
Ole Bast, +49 421/9600-334, ole.bast@wah.bremen.de


TOGR20200124001: Greek SME develops innovative technology that reduces effectively Sulphur Oxides (SOx) in ship emissions aiming at engineering companies or investors for system development prior to commercialization
A Greek engineering company has designed an innovative closed-loop scrubber which achieves almost complete neutralisation of sulphur. At the same time the engine could use the common heavy fuel that is available globally today. The solution is tested using chemistry simulation tools in collaboration with a Greek university. The design stage is already completed and the technology is close to production and commercial installation in ships on board. The system theoretically is able to eliminate 99.7% (constant and non-floating value) of the SOx exhausted by the ship's chimneys. The system uses seawater for its operation and disposes only a fraction of it to the sea with a pH of 8. This water is not contaminated with harmful substances since the water is not in contact with the exhaust gases. The Greek company is looking for partner for further development, prototyping, certification and commercial exploitation of the system. The types of collaboration sought will be either joint venture agreement with engineering company or financial agreement with investor.

RDUA20200117001: Searching for university or firm, which works with shipyard, manufacturer of underwater robots to participate in H2020 MG-3-7-2020 project on use of underwater welding robots
An Ukrainian Institute is looking for partners to participate in a Horizon 2020 project - Improved production and maintenance processes in shipyards, ID: MG-3-7-2020 (use of underwater welding robots). The idea of this project is the design of a robotic wet underwater welding complex for shipyards of Europe. The institute is looking for partners from the EU to jointly participate in the project as part of the international consortium.

BRBE20191015001: Belgian company is looking for suppliers of nets for their wastewater treatment tanks
The Belgian SME is active in the wastewater treatment and is looking for nets for its concrete tanks. The nets are used to retain the beads that play the role of bacterial carrier in the tank. The Belgian partner is willing to identify potential providers of the nets under a supplier agreement.

TOGR20200116005: Image processing algorithms for onboard optical Earth Observation (EO) satellites
A Greek innovative ICT start-up company specialized in the field of object detection algorithms. The company has developed image processing algorithms for software or hardware co-design that can be integrated in earth observation (EO) cube satellites enhancing data exploitation, as well as enabling critical applications e.g. in maritime sector. Partners of any size or type, active in satellite sector or ICT companies providing similar solutions are sought interested to conclude technical or research agreements.